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The voice saw itself then as still sovereign, as still in control, and considered that all that was needed was greater self-discipline and more rigorous self-surveillance in its utterances. Only now is the true extent of its predicament coming to light : there is no sovereignty, because there is no 'before' or 'outside' of language where it could be located.

The narrating voice can only constitute itself within the otherness of its 'own' voice, within the already other-inhabited movement of language and discourse. The revised appreciation of the nature of the predicament produces a modification in the manner of conceiving of it.

Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi {HD} - Prithviraj Kapoor - Sharmila Tagore - Hindi Film (With Eng Subtitles)

The otherness of, and in, the voice is now personified and named, with the vast and nebulous targets of language and discourse giving way to the more focused and tangible enemy of an agent of some kind, Mahood, formerly Basile :. C'est lui qui me racontait des histoires sur moi, vivait pour moi, sortait de moi, revenait vers moi, rentrait dans moi, m'agonissait d'histoires. The voice off-loads responsibility onto this personified other ness , attempting to reserve within itself an uncontaminated potential space where an identity might eventually constitute itself.

A true voice exists somewhere and would reveal itself were it not for the presence of the outside influence of Mahood. And yet, on the evidence of this passage, it is not completely outside, for Mahood not only told stories about the voice but also lived for it, seemed, indeed, in an important sense — that touching on its identity — to be it. The figure of Mahood, then, in its first manifestation, is a textual figure of both inside and outside, of both self and other, a figure denoting the inherent paradox and instability lurking within the project of self-articulation.

Mahood thus occupies an ambiguous position in the voice's conception of things, and does not fully satisfy the demands generated by the voice's need to conceive and represent its condition and dilemma to itself. It may well be that it is precisely Mahood's ambiguous relationship to the voice, the doubt and fear that the alien presence is in fact a constitutive part of itself, that now compels the voice to conceive of a source that is thoroughly other to, and outside of, itself.

The figure of the master in such a relationship, of course, holds within it the possibility of a less benign manifestation, implied by the association of the master with 'un satrape' p. The possibility is considered that the stalemate exists because the voice has not managed to say what the master wishes it to say : 'S'il veut que je dise quelque chose, pour mon bien bien entendu, qu'il me dise quoi exactement, je le barrirai tout de suite. The figure of the master, then, is directly linked with the whole problematics of utterance, and is therefore possibly implicated in the voice's own confrontation with language.

The connection between this figure of authority and the question of speaking some kind of imposed, and conventional, language is reinforced by an earlier reference to 'certaines formules des plus prometteuses' p. The slave has not yet learned to possess or utter the truth transmitted by the knowing master, a figure invested with the power of access to an almost oracular truth.

Were the uninitiated slave figure to learn and grasp the discursive truth revealed through his master's or masters' lesson, he might well accede to that condition where he would be 'libre, libre de ma bave, libre de me taire' p. The voice, in other words, uncontaminated from the inside, and existing therefore in a state of potential self-presence, would have discovered from outside the language that would allow it to articulate an identity and to attain to full self-possession, thus permitting it to go silent in that 'topos of pure being immaculate of language' 8.

Propelled by the momentum generated in the preamble, the 'character' of the 'narrator' reduced itself, in the post-narrative space it saw itself constructing, to the function of a voice, casting off the anthropomorphism of the earlier narratives and focusing on the exclusively linguistic nature of its predicament. But the longed-for leap outside the old repressive order of stories and characters has proved impossible. For it now dawns on the voice that the whole preamble strategy of attempting to move beyond stories has — yet again — merely given rise to a new version of an old movement, one generated by the dynamics of narrative emplotment, and which has carried it along to a point where it finds itself as deeply enmeshed in narrative as ever :.

A balayer pp.

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The awareness of narrative properties and possibilities is extremely acute in this passage, and particularly where the dynamics of narrative emplotment, and its innate teleology, are concerned. The dynamic constituent of the voice's mise en intrigue, now fully acknowledged for what it is, is placed on display here : a task is assigned, a goal is set, obstacles must be overcome, plans have to be reformulated, new developments need to be taken into account, all with the goal of giving a sense of movement, purpose and progress. Above all, though, the passage establishes the voice's incapacity to situate itself, understand its predicament, and generate movement and change outside of the enabling framework of self-narrativisation : it invented the story 'dans l'espoir [ The value of a narrative mise en intrigue is implicitly recognised here : it gives shape to the shapeless, delimits the limitless, sets up a goal, generates a dynamic, accords a sense of purpose, and provides a direction.

Thus oriented, the voice understands where it is and where it needs to go. The change that occurs in the early part of L'Innommable, then, from the traditional anthropomorphic figure of narrative character to the imaginary and impossible image of 'une grande boule parlante' has. If so many critical commentaries have announced the death of narrative discourse in the post-preamble space of L'Innommable, it is surely due to this fundamental confusion between representation and emplotment : the disintegration of traditional representation — of character, time and space — is equated with, and seen as proof of, the disintegration of all narrative properties, and hence of narrative discourse itself.

But, as the narrating voice itself is now obliged to acknowledge, narrative emplotment remains alive and well in the initial post-preamble, supposedly post-narrative, phase of L'Innommable. Despite the voice's strategies, narrative discourse remains for the voice the only means of situating itself, understanding its existence, conceiving of its dilemma, and, crucially, effecting a change in its condition.

This careful categorising of discourse rests on the premise of the end of self- narrativisation, which is precisely what fails to materialise as the text unfolds. The voice seeks to accede to a non-narrative, non-discursive articulation of self, but, unwittingly, can conceive of no other way of doing so but through narrative itself : the movement of both the preamble and the post-preamble text is a purely narrative one.

And what is critical about these early passages in L'Innommable is that they set the pattern for the entire text. To the possible objection that the discussion in this article limits itself to a relatively small section of the novel, there is a ready response : the focus is limited in order to identify, by way of tracing the stages in the voice's calculated step-by-step approach, the moment and mode of the voice's failure to realise its ambition. Such a focus is doubly necessary because of the ready acceptance in critical commentaries that the voice in L'Innommable does indeed succeed in moving beyond narrative, and particularly beyond self-narrativisation.

Thus is the pattern set for the entire novel. The voice will continue to itself through self-narrativisation in its efforts to articulate, or. And even in the post-Worm phase, in the final stages of the novel, where the text seems to be thoroughly unstructured and where the voice, on occasions, seems to descend into a nightmarish linguistic labyrinth, the overall quest master- plot is still in operation, driving the voice, and the text, forward in the search for the site of full self-possesion. It would take another article to trace in detail these successive failures of the narrating voice in L'Innommable to extricate itself from self-narrativisation and to accede to this mythic moment of pure self-identity.

For the time being, however, it is enough to identify that the enterprise is condemned to failure from the outset, and to locate the moment and the mode of that failure, a mode, indeed, that is touched upon quite prophetically by the narrating voice in its preamble : 'La recherche du moyen de faire cesser les choses, taire sa voix, est ce qui permet au discours de se poursuivre' p.

Damn Interesting

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Lost (Classic): “S.O.S.”/“Two For The Road”

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    Schumann — Carnaval, Davidsbündlertänze & Papillons

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